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Powerful design
prototyping tools

Get high-fidelity in under 5 minutes. Upload your design files and add animations, gestures, and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes.

Advanced animations and transitions

Easily create lifelike interactions by adding customizable "hotspots" to your design files that link your screens together realistically.

Cross platform support

Showcase your ideas in any resolution. InVision supports all major mobile, desktop, and wearable screen sizes.

Seamless design

Simplify your feedback process by having clients, team members, and stakeholders comment directly on your designs. See new feedback for all your projects in one convenient place, or drill down by active project, specific people, or your own name.

Contextual feedback

Give feedback more context by commenting directly on a design from within the prototype experience.

Threaded conversations

Never lose track of design feedback. All comments are housed together in one convenient location.

Design-driven project

Manage your project screens and statuses from one single location, quickly see unread comments, preview screens, and notify team members when changes to screen status are made.

Project status at a glance

Drag screens between columns to instantly update your team about your project's progress.

Automated project management

Automatically update your project workflow status by marking screens as "backlog," "in progress," "needs review," or "approved."

Reimagined design
ideation and presentation

Create context around your projects with Boards—flexible spaces to store, share, and talk about design ideas. Built-in layout options allow you to create visual hierarchy for your ideas.

Create custom boards

Create custom moodboards, brand boards, style guides, galleries, or design presentations.

Asset management

Store, share, and easily access all your project assets—from fonts to color palettes.

Real-time design
collaboration and tours

Design better, faster, and more collaboratively with real-time, in-browser design collaboration and presentation tools. Seamlessly launch meetings, create guided tours, and present designs to stakeholders.

In-browser design meetings

Instantly launch a design meeting from InVision or Photoshop, complete with voice and whiteboarding, with LiveShare.

Guided product tours

Ensure your users experience your prototypes as you envision, even when you aren't there.

Version control and
sync for all your files

Automatically update your InVision prototypes by clicking "save" in your source files. Or, check out any previous version of design, complete with comments, with the automatic version control features. You can even revert your design with a single click.

Unlimited version history

Easily switch between previous versions of design to compare and contrast changes.

Deep service integrations

InVision integrates with your favorite services, like Photoshop, Sketch, Dropbox, Box, and Slack.

Free, unlimited
user testing

User test your prototypes directly from an iPhone. Capture recordings of interactions with your prototypes while seeing users' faces and hearing their voices.

Unlimited audio and video capture

Capture screen recordings, video footage, and audio of users testing your prototypes.

High-fidelity testing environment

Prototypes are presented for user testing in high-fidelity, so they look and feel real—keeping users focused on the design itself.

beta Pixel-perfect design

Create stylesheets, get pixel-perfect comps, discuss design challenges, export adaptively, and generate real code for any design element.

Instant code generation

Access and copy real code for any design element you need.

Downloadable components

Easily download important project assets, like color palettes, fonts, and other project files.

Connected where
the action is

Your team is most productive when your entire design workflow is in one place from start to finish. Our integrations automatically push and pull activity from your favorite systems straight into InVision.


InVision comes fully loaded with handy integrations with your favorite design, collaboration, and storage tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Our deep partner network provides InVision users exclusive access to great partner products and services.

"InVision is a faster way to certainty."

Aarron Walter, Director of UX at MailChimp

"[InVision] really gets all of our best work in one place for the entire company to see. It has let us concentrate on the real work, and not on the plumbing."

Mike Davidson, VP of Design at Twitter

"It's helped us to rapidly iterate and rapidly prototype in ways that were much more time-consuming in the past."

Dantley Davis, Design Director at Netflix

"InVision is key to our toolset."

Ryan Donahue, VP of Product Design at Zendesk

"Design isn't necessarily about the space on the page, but a user's walk through time with that product, and that's where InVision helps."

Joshua Taylor, Design Director at Evernote

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