The all-in-one collaborative online whiteboard

InVision’s Freehand has everything your team needs to bring together people, tools, and work

Brainstorm. Plan. Collaborate. Actually get stuff done.

  • Multiplayer whiteboard

    A workspace for teams to get work done in real-time or asynchronously

  • Powerful integrations

    Seamlessly connect to the tools you use every day

  • Scalable solution

    Give everyone a seat at the table – one price for your whole team

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Make all your work teamwork

Teams need a place to do the messy work. To come to the table, to ideate, to actually collaborate. With pre-built templates, organized spaces for project management, and interactive widgets and reactions, InVision’s Freehand centralizes your entire workflow so that you can ensure alignment at every stage of your process and get work done.

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The tools your team knows and loves — all in one place

InVision’s Freehand integrates with the tools your team is already using to do their best work every day. Whether you want to turn ideas into tasks in Jira or Asana, edit your Google Docs or collaborate via video chat with Zoom or Webex, InVision’s Freehand has you covered.

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Central hub for projects

Bring people, tools and work together in one place to give context to and create a single source of truth for all projects. Using a specialized tool? No problem. InVision’s Freehand enables you to curate all of your project artifacts in one place no matter which tool they live in.

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All the critical features, half the cost

With InVision’s Freehand you get all the critical features at half the cost of the other Leading Visual Collaboration tools. Democratize collaboration by giving everyone a seat at the table. Collaboration shouldn’t be dependent on a line item in the budget.

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Cut your costs, keep your work

Whether your team is working in Miro or Mural, you can port your work directly over using InVision Freehand’s Whiteboard Importer today at no additional cost.

There is something so natural about collaborating in Freehand. It feels like you’re holding a marker, and making ideas happen. I can’t imagine doing that in another tool. It captures that human essence of being in person and talking to someone that is right next to you and getting work done together. Especially in today’s world when everything is remote. It makes for really organic communication.

Kirti Bansal

Sr. Product Designer, AdvisorEngine

Evolve your team’s collaborative intelligence today.