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Create rich interactive prototypes

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A big part of our design process is validation and nailing the details. InVision lets us iterate quickly, elevate quality, and ship fast.
Frank Yoo Head of Product Design

Seamlessly communicate, gather feedback, and move projects forward

InVision allows you to collaborate, experiment, and test much more effectively and efficiently.
Andy Law Director of Product Design

Explore your team’s best ideas on a digital whiteboard

Freehand makes it a breeze to sketch, draw, wireframe, and get instant feedback on work-in-progress designs.
Sun Dai Product Designer

Beautifully collect and present designs, inspiration, and more

We use Boards to share initial goals and ideas, show the user flow, and capture inspiration.
Catt Small Product Designer

Magically better handoffs from design to development

We used to spend hours creating redlines. Inspect consolidated a bunch of tools and keeps everyone aligned as designs evolve.
Gregg Meyer Design Director

The world’s most powerful screen design tool

Supports dark & light themes


Quickly turn ideas into powerful screen designs with intuitive vector-based drawing and flexible layers.

Prototype and animate

Effortlessly animate transitions and add micro-interactions to transform your static screens into working prototypes.


Seamlessly navigate the entire design process in one place, keeping everyone fully engaged and notified of changes.

Design System Manager
Creativity and consistency at scale

One source of truth

All brand and UX components—including usage documentation—are managed in a single place.

Easy to maintain

Access libraries directly from InVision Studio or Sketch, and push or pull changes with only a click.

Iterate with confidence

Changes sync to the whole team, and designers can switch to the latest version or roll back updates at any time.

Bring design into every conversation

Preview your latest InVision prototypes, work together on a Freehand whiteboard, and see every design comment—all without leaving the collaboration tools you already use.

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