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With the excitement of the InVision Studio preview video still in the air, an affable figure wearing a cap and a smile stepped onto the stage at PUBLIC arts in New York City, ready to show the world’s most powerful screen design tool to the world for the first time. That’s right—Clark from InVision is real, and so is the creative power of InVision Studio.

Last week, we invited hundreds of you—the world’s best designers, engineers, product managers, and design enthusiasts—to join us in New York City to be first to see InVision Studio in action. Our event featured welcoming remarks from InVision CEO Clark Valberg and a live demo from Studio Director of Product Tom Giannatasio, plus plenty of mingling time with the best in the business and the creators behind Studio.

“Designers are the architects of human behavior.” —Tom Giannattasio, Director of Product, InVision Studio

Clark kicked off the event by reminding us that thanks to the customer experience revolution, the screen has become the most important place in the world. Amid some “woo!” from the crowd, Clark told the packed room, “As designers, as design teams, as design tool makers, there is a profoundly higher expectation for all of us. The entire world is looking to us to blow them away with the things we make.”

For the past 6 years, we’ve really worked closely with and built a super strong appreciation for how the best companies build the products we love. As Clark said, “One theme has emerged over and over again—there are too many tools.”

That’s why we created Studio—to empower designers and design teams to spend more time and energy actually designing. We’ve been eagerly awaiting our chance to show off Studio, and we were floored by your incredible reception.

[Actual] things that you said hyped you up:

  • Clark from InVision, live. Yes, he really is real. It’s amazing how many people doubted this!
  • The sheer speed of InVision Studio. If you haven’t seen our designers in action on Studio, check out this video from designer Noam Liss.
  • There’s a light UI, and it’s beautiful too.
  • Studio’s animation and responsiveness capabilities are stunning.
  • …and so much more!

“Every company in the world has to become a digital product company.” —Clark Valberg, CEO (aka “Clark from InVision”)

Be the first to experience Studio. Get access before it’s available to the public by signing up now. You’ll get insider first looks at the product, updates, behind-the-scenes action, and more.



Dana Pake
Dana leads the events team at InVision. She’s fueled by the creative energy of the product design community and loves bringing the InVision brand to life. When not designing immersive in-person experiences, she’s itching her travel bug with her husband and two daughters, ‘the dynamic duo’.

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