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It’s Giving Tuesday, and here at InVision we’ve got a lot to be thankful for.  That’s why we’re excited to have recently rolled out a charitable giving program for our team called RaisedBy.Us.

RaisedBy.Us helps employees at participating companies give back to causes they love, including by donating a small piece of each paycheck to the charity of their choice.

If you ask us how we’re feeling about this, well, we’re feeling pretty darn good. Right after getting the announcement email, InVisioners took to Slack to start sharing where and why they decided to donate.


A few days later, our team got an email from Clark, our CEO, about “an important and exciting company announcement.” We had no idea what it could be about. Were we all getting pizza delivered? New headsets? A brand-new car?

The only way to find out was to watch the video:

It was a fun—and rickroll-y—reminder for everyone who hadn’t yet signed up for RaisedBy.Us to go register. You might say Clark wasn’t ever gonna give up on the whole team getting down…

And it worked! With InVision matching donations, our team pledged more than $80,000 over the next year to causes ranging from ovarian cancer research to neighborhood non-profits.

We’re also proud to have set a new RaisedBy.Us record for team participation, with an amazing 67% of InVision employees pitching in.

We hope you’ll join us. Learn more about RaisedBy.Us and how you can bring it to your company by visiting their website or by emailing the team at


Margaret Kelsey
Margaret Kelsey leads content marketing at Appcues. Before Appcues, she built content programs for InVision’s design community for 3.5 years and has roots in painting and PR. She’s a big fan of puns, Blackbird Donuts, and Oxford commas—probably in that order.

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