‘Real life’ InVision Studio magic: Demos and details



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We’ve hit 5 cities on our international InVision Studio Demo + Drinks tour—New York City, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Boston—and we’re wrapping up this week in the Emerald City, Seattle. Here’s a quick recap of the Studio tour highlights, and a preview of what you can expect on our last stop.

The answer to our most frequently asked question

What will InVision Studio cost? Nothing, it’s free.

Whether you’re a student, an individual designer, or part of an enterprise team, InVision Studio is free for everyone. It’s our hope that Studio empowers ALL designers to create the next generation of digital experiences, faster, easier, and better than before.

Also, it’s multi-platform. Equality for PC and Mac users!

There’s a native platform for both Mac users and PC diehards. We firmly believe your tools should work how, and where, you do.

Key features

At each of our tour stops we shared a hands-on demo of Studio, capturing reactions—and feedback—from the local design community. Some of the key Studio features and functions highlighted included:

  • Responsive layout
    • The Studio adaptive layout engine automatically updates your design for an ever-growing number of devices and screen sizes.
  • Rapid prototyping
    • Intuitive, frictionless rapid prototyping help you unlock new dimensions of screen design. Your work-in-progress isn’t just interactive—it’s alive.
  • ‘Magic’ and custom advanced animations
    • Control the micro-interactions and animations in your design, or utilize Studio’s built-in ‘magic’ animation engine to create dynamic motion automatically.
  • Shared design systems
    • Instantly share designs and components across your team and organization. Studio’s shared libraries guarantee instant access to a central design system, that’s always up to date and in sync.
  • Seamless collaboration
    • We’ve improved on InVision’s core collaboration features and integrated them directly into Studio. It’s never been easier to share ideas, present your design, and get feedback.

Future product roadmap

Studio updates won’t stop when it’s released. As a matter of fact, we’re already working on additional features to greater empower your design work—and workflows. Be on the lookout for more post-launch, including:

  • An open platform for developers
  • Live collaboration
  • Version control
  • And more!



Will Fanguy
Digital content wrangler at InVision | UX enthusiast | Recovering educator | Shameless nerd & GIF connoisseur | Hockey fan (Go Preds!) | Oxford comma or death | It’s pronounced FANG-ee

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