86 Sketch shortcuts that every product designer should be using



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Sketch is packed with features for designers and vector illustrators, so naturally there are a ton of shortcuts—around 150 to be exact.

If you’re a product designer, around half of these Sketch shortcuts will easily fit into your day-to-day workflow, saving you a ton of seconds, which add up to a gaggle of minutes, which could easily become a flock of hours. Learn these 86 Sketch shortcuts and soar.     

Sketch shortcuts: Zooming and navigating

Space + DragPan Canvas
+Zoom in
Zoom out
0Zoom to 100%
1Zoom to all elements on Canvas
2Zoom to selected layer(s)
3Center selected layer(s) in the Canvas
Z + DragZoom to area
.Enter presentation mode
fnSelect next Artboard
fnSelect previous Artboard
fnPrevious page
fnNext page

Sketch shortcuts: Inserting layers

TText tool
AArtboard tool
SSlice tool
VPaste over selection
+ DragWhen inserting a layer, draw shape from center
+ DragWhen inserting a layer, lock ratio of shape
Space + DragMove newly drawn layer before confirming it

Sketch shortcuts: Selecting layers

+ DragSelects layer within drag bounds
Double-click LayerSelect grouped layer
+ Click LayerSelect layer within group
+ Click LayerSelect an obscured layer
ASelect all Artboards
+ ClickAdd layer to selection/deselect layer in Canvas
+ ClickAdd layer from group to selection in Canvas
TabSelect next layer in group
TabSelect previous layer in group
EnterSelects layer inside group
EscSelects parent group

Sketch shortcuts: Moving and resizing layers

+ HoverDisplay distance between other layers
+ ResizeResize from center
+ ResizeConstrain proportions
+ DragDuplicate
+ DragConstrain move
+ DragDisable smart guides
+ DragLock drag to selection
Arrow KeysNudge position by 1px
+ Arrow KeysNudge position by 10px
or Expand by 1 px
or Contract by 1 px
or Expand by 10 px
or Contract by 10 px
KScale layer

Sketch shortcuts: Editing layers

EnterEdit layer
EscFinish editing
CCopy style
VPaste style
FToggle fill
BToggle border
CActivate color picker
0 to 9Set layer opacity
MUse as mask
EscReturn to instance
Delete layer

Sketch shortcuts: Text editing

VPaste as rich text
+Increase font size
Decrease font size
LIncrease character spacing
TDecrease character spacing
{Align left
|Align center
}Align right
OConvert to outlines
ReturnInsert a line break

Sketch shortcuts: Arranging layers

GGroup selection
RRename layer
Bring forward
Bring to front
Send backward
Send to back
Move up out of group/artboard
HDistribute horizontally
VDistribute vertically
+ Click Align buttonsAlign layer to Artboard
HHide/show layer
LLock/unlock layer

Sketch shortcuts: Exporting layers

EExport layer
Drag a layer/thumbnail to DesktopExport asset
Drag a layer/thumbnail to CanvasInsert flattened duplicate
/ in layer nameIncludes folder in export

Click on the image below to download our Sketch shortcuts desktop wallpaper:

Sketch shortcuts

Did we leave your favorite Sketch shortcut off the list? Give us a shout on Twitter: @InVisionApp.

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Joseph Angelo Todaro
Video Producer at InVision, former UI/UX designer of international in-flight entertainment, and avid automotive enthusiast.

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