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Whether you’re just designing for fun, improving your skills, or bulking up your portfolio—web redesign concepts are a fabulous way to peek into the mind of a designer.

We dug deep into Dribbble for awesome website redesign concepts and collected a handful of favorites to kick off the week with a little inspiration.

Vans Site Redesign Concept

Vans website redesign concept by Mykolas Puodžiūnas
“As a Vans junkie I was blown away by outdated design, weird layout choices and some very irritating UX issues.”

Thule Site Redesign

Thule website redesign concept by Mykolas Puodžiūnas
“Thule Sweden offers great quality production for active lifestyle. However, it seems to me that their current web design doesn’t live up to its full potential. Here is my attempt to freshen up

GTI Concept Redesign

GTI website redesign concept by Jared Granger
“Had a little fun this weekend starting a for fun landing page with one of my favorite builds so far for the MK7 GTI—The GTI RS. Photography by Sam Dobbins.”

Skype Redesign

Skype redesign concept by Charles Patterson
“It’s fun to work on things that are just fun, so I made this Skype concept today. Love what you do!”

Pandora Redesign Concept

Pandora concept by Bryce Thompson
“I really wanted this to be a higher-end experience since as you navigate the market of media players and similar products, there’s a lot of fun-ness going around (Not that that’s a bad thing). I was trying to go for a little different, a little more immersive, etc.”

Soundcloud Redesign

Soundcloud landing page redesign concept by Raaz Das
“I tried to make it clean and simple for all users.”

NYTimes Redesign redesign concept by Jon Pritzl for Mighty.
“This was an old-ish design challenge to re-imagine the NYTimes homepage. I wanted to leverage its heritage and brand equity, yet push a few ideas on how to create a customizable—and social—news experience.”

Rolling Stone Redesign

Rolling Stone website redesign concept by Jason Kirtley
“Recent concept I worked on for redesign of Rolling Stone website. This is a view of long view article/musician profile. “

IMDB Site Redesign

IMDb design concept by George Vasyagin for Awesomed
“I think that IMDb needs to be simplified a lot and each section should serve it’s own needs.”

Gmail Redesign Concept

Gmail resdesign by Valentin Salmon
“I devoted myself to remake the Gmail design. I used Gmail identity declining on something newer but while respecting the codes of mailbox Google.”

Facebook Redesign Concept

Facebook redesign by Eyal Zuri
“This is something I did just for fun. “

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Shakti Sotomayor
Shakti is the Head of Content at Blueprint Registry. Before Blueprint Registry, she led social media marketing at InVision and is a trained chef. She loves space stuff, dogs, memes, chicken nuggets, and words.

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