Screen Design. Supercharged.

Introducing Craft

Screen Design. Supercharged.

Craft is a suite of plugins to let you design with real data in mind. Manage them via the new Craft Manager for incredibly easy updating.

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A fast, flexible new way to collaborate in real time.

See how Freehand works
  • Infinite

    With unlimited space, there's no limit on the creativity—or variety—of your ideas.

  • Agile

    Sketch or PS; mobile, tablet, or desktop; no matter where you are, capture input in real time.

  • Inclusive

    Freehand is for everyone, and all kinds of projects. Share your designs, then collaborate—live.

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Build hi-fi prototypes with your real design files.

See how Prototype works
  • Native

    Exclusive effects and animations inside Sketch.

  • Mirrored

    Real time mirroring for testing out interactions and previewing changes.

  • Real Code

    Generate HTML and CSS, native swift code, and documentation for your developers.

  • Instant

    Auto-sync changes in Sketch with shareable InVision prototypes.


Sync with 1 click from your native design environment.

See how Sync works
  • Immediate

    Seamlessly connect your design and prototyping workflow in just a click.

  • Efficient

    No more drag-and-drop hassle. Less mistakes means less frustration.

  • In-Screen

    Send your work to InVision without ever leaving your design environment.

  • Reliable

    Keep everything in sync using the tools you love and trust most.


The ultimate plugin to bring real data to your design.

See how Data works
  • Relevant

    Pull real content from a range of sources and place it directly in your design.

  • Customizable

    Pull from the web, public APIs, or your own files.

  • Fast

    Accelerate your workflow by placing data with a single click.

  • Powerful

    Pair Data’s power with Craft’s other plugins to supercharge your design.

  • Contextual

    Grab and place text and images from real, live websites.

  • Real

    Use true values, and stop wasting time with Lorem ipsum.

  • Nimble

    Add content to every layer all at once.

  • Efficient

    Place content at lightning speed.

  • Valuable

    Pull true API content into your designs.

  • Robust

    Use the power of real, deep data in every single design.

  • Agile

    Assign specific JSON values to each individual layer.

  • Enterprise-ready

    Use your own organization’s API values for ultra-relevant design.


Cloud-connected design assets for your team.

See how Library works
  • Cloud-connected

    Keep your team's design current with a single source of truth for all assets.

  • Professional

    Generate a stunning style guide based on your design with just a click.

  • Consistent

    Changes to your library design appear in your teammates' design too, so everyone stays up to speed.

  • Custom

    Add specific elements to your style guide based on your unique design.


Forget copy+paste. Perfectly clone any design element at lightning speed with Duplicate.

See how Duplicate works
  • Rapid

    Duplicate design elements quickly and with pixel perfect accuracy.

  • Clean

    No more manual positioning means more uniformity.

  • Countless Changes

    Give your UI a reality check and immediately see if your design elements fit.

  • Contextual

    Choose an exact number of duplicates, or make a live section.

Craft Manager

Using the Craft Manager, you can activate, deactivate, and update all your plugins with ease directly from your desktop.

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