Customer journey map

A customer journey map helps teams ideate, prototype, and test user experiences, with the goal of ultimately saving teams from costly redos or major errors.

Think of a customer journey map as an outline where each step a customer takes from beginning to end in your product shows their interactions and overall experience. Each step then uses arrows to show just where your customer goes within your product and allows your team to view their behavior and gather feedback and insights.

In turn, your marketing, design, and/or product team gains valuable feedback to create the most meaningful user experience.

What is a customer journey map?

There is a popular saying that states, ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination,’ and for journey maps it’s a little bit of both — there should be equal attention paid to the entire path that current customers or potential buyers take to the desired end goal.

Customer journey maps are used at the beginning, planning stage of a project to help teams create an outline of a user’s experience. They do so by using a step-by-step map with arrows indicating where a customer goes after the following step to show their interactions and behavior.

What does a customer journey map do?

Customer journey maps help design, product, and other teams align on and prevent potential problems related to projects such as product releases.

They isolate pain points, ensuring ideation is meaningful, and targeting customer goals. They highlight the perspective of a customer so teams can better understand their audience and who they are designing, marketing, or creating a product for.

Map a customer journey with your team to experience just how important they are.

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