Product positioning

Figuring out how to bring a product to market requires product positioning, a strategic cross-functional exercise used to better understand where your product fits in the market and why it is a better alternative to your competitors.

Product usage is also a key component of positioning, helping teams see the value it brings to your customers by organizing ideas and research into a single exercise to bring a better understanding to your team.

What is product positioning?

Product positioning is a strategic exercise used by design and product teams to understand where a product fits in the current market.

Product positioning visualizations can take the form of a blank space divided into sections where teams can align on launch or relaunch dates, market category, competitor’s data and messaging, and many more details surrounding a product’s marker placement.

What does product positioning do?

Product positioning allows your and your team to better understand the place a product occupies in the mind of your customer.

It allows your team to plan and align on go-to-market efforts and determine the value of a product with customers prior to its launch. 

Try product positioning in your next design or product planning session.

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