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View and manage your design system from the web

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The DSM web view feature is a fantastic way to keep everyone aligned on your current design language.

It automatically captures your most up-to-date design system—and all associated documentation—on an easily accessible, beautifully organized website that’s shareable with stakeholders across your entire organization.

You can also fine-tune roles and permissions, access developer API integration, and manage, compare, and roll back versions. Everyone is always on the same (web)page with InVision DSM.


DSM features a web view that automatically updates to reflect the contents of the latest version of your design system libraries. By capturing your design system in an easily accessible website, it allows you to share your company’s visual language across the entire organization. Whether a social media designer in marketing needs to grab a brand-approved color, or a developer needs to download a specific icon, the web view makes this possible.

We’ve gone into greater detail for many of these features in other tutorials, but let’s take a quick tour of what’s possible with DSM on the web.

When you log in, you’ll see a list of all your libraries. From here, you can create a new library or click to open an existing library. DSM supports unlimited libraries, so you can scale design systems no matter how big your organization.

Once you’ve opened a library, your web view allows you to browse all the colors, styles, and components in the library—and click to open them up for a more detailed view. Here, you can even view and edit written documentation to add clarity for your team—and each component has its own unique URL which can quickly be shared.

From your library, you can also manage versions, including comparing current and past versions to see what’s changed—as well as roll back your design system to a previous version.

Advanced roles and permissions allow you to fine-tune who has access to what. This includes deciding who has editing versus view-only access as well as setting library-specific permissions.

The developer API integration is accessible through your web view and supports a wide variety of formats including CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus, JSON, Android, and iOS.

Your web view keeps everyone in your organization in sync with updates to your visual language. From engineers to marketers, product managers, executives, and other stakeholders, your entire team can experience your design system and stay on the same page with InVision DSM.

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