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Joseph Angelo Todaro

Video Producer

  • 9 videos
  • 20m
Here’s what we’ll cover in this course:
  • Managing a design system with DSM
  • Building your design language
  • Members, roles, and permissions
  • Managing design system versions
  • Customizing a design system web view
  • Uploading Sketch Libraries to DSM
  • Syncing with your team’s Sketch Libraries
  • Using the Inspect DSM integration
  • Setting up Storybook in DSM

Course outline

Why do I need DSM?

As the single source of truth for your visual language, DSM removes design debt so that keeping every product consistently stunning is a breeze.


Uploading Sketch Libraries to DSM

Easily populate your design system with existing Sketch Library files, adding all of your text and layer styles, colors, and components in just a couple of clicks.


Syncing with your team’s Sketch Libraries

Get in sync with your team’s design system libraries to quickly pull changes, switch versions, and close the gap with developers.


Managing roles and permissions

Protect the integrity of your design system using DSM roles, permissions, and privacy settings to control who can view or edit individual design systems.


Version control

Take complete control of how design system changes are versioned, distributed, updated, or rolled back across the organization.


View and manage your design system from the web

Keep everyone aligned on your design principles, styles, components, accessibility standards, copy guidelines, and production-ready code through your customizable web view.


Branding your design system documentation site

With a richer, more flexible web experience, the new DSM allows you to customize the web view of your design system with your own brand logos and colors.


Using the Inspect DSM integration

Link directly to live code and view details like usage guidelines and external resources, directly from Inspect.


Setting up Storybook in DSM

Bring coded components, design patterns, and documentation together into DSM with our Storybook integration.


Transformative collaboration for all the work you do