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Sketch + InVision A guide to high-speed design


Daniel Schwarz


About this book

If you use Sketch and InVision, or are considering either—this free book is for you.

You’ll learn how to design, iterate, and prototype using InVision’s Craft plugins for Sketch, use InVision to collaborate with your team, utilize the full power of Sketch for designing screens, and ensure that your design remains effortlessly consistent between the 2 apps.

Gain tons of practical know-how, including:

  • Designing with real data
  • Building low-fidelity and dynamic prototypes
  • Creating shared libraries of assets and styles
  • Collaboration and design hand-offs
  • And lots more awesome insight!

Discover pro-tips for getting the absolute most out of Sketch, how to use the full power of Craft to supercharge your workflow, and how InVision + Sketch together are your secret weapon for creating stunning, effective screens at lightning speed.

To make the most of this book, you'll need:

Unfamiliar with Sketch? Check out our Switch to Sketch course!

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Daniel Schwarz

Daniel Schwarz is a designer turned writer, currently traveling the world as a digital nomad, creating all kinds of content centered around design, travel, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. Free-spirited, loves travel, food, and Sketch.

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