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The business impact of InVision

See how 85% of InVision Enterprise customers build better products, faster.

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Good design is good business

Decades ago, Thomas J. Watson Jr. grew IBM on the premise that “good design is good business.” Today, design fuels the most innovative and successful companies in the world. Thousands of companies, including 100% of the Fortune 100, rely on InVision to leverage the power of design and bring the best products to market, faster.

To understand the benefits organizations and teams experience with InVision Enterprise, we surveyed 2,135 customers around the globe.

InVision Enterprise helps you

Build a world-class business

The best companies in the world are design-led. We asked our customers how InVision Enterprise helps them create amazing products and experiences.

What are the top business benefits you experience using InVision Enterprise?
Based on 1,897 respondents
Has InVision helped your company build better products?
% Yes 85 % No 0 % Didn’t know 0 say yes % 00
Based on 2,135 respondents

“The benefit of InVision is in changing how everyone approaches design. If everyone in your company is thinking about the user, you can’t help but create great products. There’s a tangible ROI attached to approaching design this way.”

Kerry Hebert

Principal UX Designer, Digital Developed Markets

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InVision Enterprise helps you

Create the best products, faster

The most innovative companies get products to market faster. With InVision Enterprise, companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Netflix, and Visa can collect product feedback in real-time, making ideas become reality faster than ever before.

After adopting InVision Enterprise, how much faster is your time to market?
36 %

weighted average

Based on 732 respondents
How much faster do you get final stakeholder approval with InVision Enterprise?
46 %

weighted average

Based on 765 respondents
Has InVision made your feedback loop faster?
% Yes 86 % No 0 % Didn’t know 0 say yes % 00
Based on 2,135 respondents

“InVision makes it easy to get input from a wide variety of people with different perspectives in your company. No designer here is ever designing in a silo.”

Andy Law

Product Design Manager

See how Netflix uses InVision
InVision Enterprise helps you

Work better together

Cross-functional teams like those at Starbucks, IBM, and Capital One are able to work better, faster, and more collaboratively. We asked our customers how InVision Enterprise improves their teamwork.

Has InVision improved collaboration within the design team?
% Yes 85 % No 0 % Didn’t know 0 say yes % 00
Based on 2,135 responses
Do you think InVision has improved collaboration between design and engineering?
% Yes 78 % No 0 % Didn’t know 0 say yes % 00
Based on 2,135 responses
Has InVision helped you create shared vision for your product?
% Yes 87 % No 0 % Didn’t know 0 say yes % 00
Based on 2,135 responses

“It’s an exciting time, because the companies that are design led are going to be the companies that thrive in the future, and InVision Enterprise helps us be part of that.”

Nathan Bailey

Senior Visual Designer

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Who We Surveyed

About this report

In late 2016, InVision surveyed 2,135 InVision Enterprise users to learn more about the impact of InVision Enterprise. Respondents were representative across demographic profiles, and responses were weighted to ensure accurate segment sizing. The survey explored InVision Enterprise’s impact on an organization’s collaboration, speed, design thinking, and productivity.

Who participated?

Role at company
% Individual contributor 59 % Manager 24 % C-Suite/VP/Director 16 % Other 1
Department at company
% Design 67 % Product 17 % Other 8 % Engineering 4 % IT 3
* total does not equal 100 due to rounding
Company industry
  • 37%
  • 13%
  • 13%
  • 12%
  • 10%
  • 5%
  • 5%
  • 5%

InVision Enterprise drives design at the world’s best companies