InVision + Figma: A perfect match

Mark Boyes-Smith


Hannah Koh


Taking a product design from start to finish is not straightforward. That’s why our online whiteboard is here to help you create more fulfilling and successful relationships with collaborators outside of the design team and bring those product designs to life. There is no one single tool that a company can use to have all of their needs met which is why our own design team uses a combination of our products and Figma.

Join InVision’s Mark Boyes-Smith, Director of Product Design and Hannah Koh, Solutions Consultant, as they explore how InVision Freehand plays a critical role with Figma, creating a workflow that actually works for your entire design, product and engineering teams.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Opening the doors of inclusive collaboration to get better feedback, save time in endless Zoom calls and get to alignment faster with Freehand
  • Protecting your design teams deep work space in Figma while managing stakeholder collaboration
  • Creating a workflow that suits the entire team and continues to satisfy designers
  • Building a practice full of collaborative and inclusive team meetings, brainstorms, quarterly planning and more with some of our newest features

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard