About Enterprise and best practices for your team

3.1 Attend a product training session

Empower your team with Invision knowledge and best practices. Sign up you and your team for a training webinar to learn InVision Enterprise directly from the experts . Some teams like to sign up for the same day and time while others go individually. Either way these are small groups where everyone receives personalized training and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

3.2 Get your team started with InVision Cloud

Intro to Boards

Create custom moodboards and brand boards, share image galleries, present in-progress or final design assets, and so much more. Boards let you collaborate on visual designs and creative assets like never before.

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Intro to Freehand

Freehand lets you rapidly collaborate and capture feedback in real-time throughout the product design process. You spend less time exporting work into presentable formats, and more time creating meaningful experiences for users in collaboration with your team.

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Intro to Inspect

Inspect simplifies the design-to-development process by allowing your team to access measurements, colors, and assets for desktop and mobile prototypes.

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For more information to get the most out of InVision Cloud, visit InVision Support for an Intro to InVision Cloud.

3.3 Help collaborators get started quickly

Share our guide, InVision for Collaborators, to help your other team members join the conversation.

Get your developers involved early and often for input. Be sure to share our InVision for Developers & Engineers guide.

3.4 Get the most with Craft Sync by InVision

Using Sketch or Photoshop? Craft is a plugin for Sketch and Photoshop that revolutionizes your design process. Sync your designs to InVision for superior prototyping. Get all of Craft's plugins—FREE. Download Craft by InVision to streamline your workflow.

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Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard