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2.1 Moving from an existing InVision Account

1. Move over existing projects

Request any existing projects (prototypes, freehands, or boards) from personal or team be moved to your Enterprise account by email Before migrating projects, learn more about transferring prototypes between accounts.

2. Cancel personal or team subscriptions

Do you or your teammates have any paid personal or team InVision subscriptions? These aren’t cancelled automatically when you sign up for Enterprise. Request to cancel existing plans (so you won’t be billed further) by emailing

2.2 Setting up your Enterprise account

1. Set up Single Sign-On (SSO)

Do you want to set up SSO? Request setup help by emailing Learn more about SSO and Enterprise accounts.

2. Bookmark your new InVision Enterprise URL

Bookmark your new domain name so you can easily share or access it later.

3. Add your team to the account

Make sure that each of your teammates has the access to the Enterprise account they need. To review or add teammates, log into your account and go to the “People” tab.

4. Set roles and permissions

Make sure each of your teammates has been assigned the appropriate role and permissions they need. Learn more about which role to assign—admin, manager, contributor, or reviewer—in our Enterprise roles and permissions guide.

Need more Info? Check out all our Enterprise FAQs.

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