Advancing Design Maturity in Financial Services

Avery Oldt


Deepak Mathews

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Bianka McGovern

Goldman Sachs

The pandemic has shaken the financial services industry to its core, resulting in radical transformation: 63% of people are now more willing to try a new digital banking app than before COVID.

While design leaders recognize the urgent need for change, most are just beginning their design maturity and digital transformation journey.

Learn from industry leaders, Bianka McGovern from Goldman Sachs and Deepak Mathews from Zurich Insurance, in this moderated discussion lead by Avery Oldt. We'll be unpacking how you can accelerate your organization’s design maturity to deliver better financial products to your customers.

You’ll learn:

  • How financial services organizations stack up on the design maturity scale
  • Best practices for improving design maturity and digital innovation
  • Top financial services product design trends for 2021

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