Development + Design @Atlassian

Alastair Simpson


Stephen Deasy


Asanka Jayasuriya


In addition to tremendous talent, one of the qualities we repeatedly see in high-performing design organizations is a close collaboration with the engineering team. Collaboration between designers and developers, saves time and work cycles, which makes everyone happier and more productive.

Please join InVision’s SVP of Engineering, Asanka Jayasuriya, as he moderates an online fireside chat with Atlassian’s design and engineering leaders, Alastair Simpson and Stephen Deasy. During the one hour event the speakers will lift the curtain and uncover what it’s like to work at Atlassian as a designer and an engineer and discuss how the teams stay aligned and focused.

We encourage you to forward this page to the developers on your team - maybe even watch it together and debrief after - as we hope to facilitate many conversations around better collaboration.

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard