Best Practices for Creative Teams Working Remotely

Kacy Boone


Amy Reyes

SG Digital

Louis Hermann


Benjamin Lourenco


Companies across the globe have pivoted to remote work over the last 6+ months, establishing new practices and processes along the way. To help teams thrive, InVision recently released a guide, in partnership with multi-channel design and marketing platform, Ceros, that shares our top insights as a fully distributed company on how to create a safe, inclusive, and efficient remote work environment. We also discuss real-life tactics and tools for designers to better collaborate with cross-functional partners.

As a follow up to our new guide, we’ll sit with design leaders from global companies who will share their own best remote collaboration practices and experiences, including how they use InVision to stay productive and connected while WFH.

Webinar attendees will take away:

  • Tactics design leaders can adopt to foster a culture of trust and creativity in a remote environment
  • Best practices for design teams to collaborate remotely with key stakeholders from business, engineering, product, and marketing
  • Tips for leveraging the InVision platform to drive effective cross-functional collaboration across geographies and time zones

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard