Build Your Design System as a Living Product

Kenny Hopper


Lance Caraccioli


Rebecca Kerr


This past year, Upwork, the largest online marketplace for freelance talent, launched an ambitious design system to unite its distributed design and development teams. How did they inspire their teams to adopt the new system? They positioned it as a continuously evolving product.

In this InVision Talk, Rebecca Kerr, InVision’s Senior Enterprise Content Marketing Manager, will chat with folks from Upwork— Kenny Hopper, Director of Product Design, Design Systems, and Lance Caraccioli, Senior UI Engineer—about how they describe their design system as a product and engage the broader organization in their ongoing design systems practices.

Don’t miss this chance to:

  • Explore benefits and tactics of socializing your design system as a product
  • Learn how to integrate designer and developer perspectives in your design system roadmap
  • Share practical questions and meeting formats for ongoing collaboration

And as always, bring questions—we’ll answer them live during a Q&A

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