Business Thinking for Designers: AMA with Ryan Rumsey and Gina Bhawalkar

Ryan Rumsey

Second Wave Dive

Gina Bhawalkar


Rebecca Kerr


It’s more important than ever for designers and their business partners to speak the same language. But how do you understand the business goals that are truly important to your organization? How do you identify the metrics that matter? And how do you tie values like diversity, inclusion, access, and ethics to the bottom line?

Join guest speakers Ryan Rumsey, author of Business Thinking for Designers and CEO of Second Wave Dive, and Gina Bhawalkar, Forrester Principal Analyst of CX/UX, for a session that explores strategies to measure and communicate the value of design.

You’ll come away with:

  • Tactics for communicating the value of design with business stakeholders
  • Strategies for identifying business metrics that matter to your team and business
  • Insights that will prepare you and your team for changing business landscapes

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