Lessons from Design Leaders: Scaling Product Design with Design Ops

Kristin Skinner

Capital One

Dave Malouf

Digital Ocean

Aarron Walter

Design Better Podcast

The practice of Design Operations helps design-forward companies work more efficiently–at scale.

As companies mature and invest more in design, the need to operationalize workflow, hiring, on-boarding, and more grows. Companies like Capital One, Pinterest, Facebook and many others rely on Design Ops to grow high-functioning design teams that align with Engineering and Product.

In this fireside chat, we'll explore design operations with two leaders shaping the practice of Design Ops, Kristin Skinner (formerly at Capital One) and Dave Malouf (IxDA). Alongside host Aarron Walter, InVision’s VP of Design Education, they’ll discuss org structure, design systems and governance, career ladders, tooling—and how Design Ops can help your team operationalize.

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