Design Sprints: Spark Innovation and Go to Market Faster

Richard Banfield


Are you ready to cut through bias, get the right people in the room, and speed up your development process? Explore how design sprints can accomplish all this and more in our latest webinar.

Whether you work for a Fortune 100 company or a startup, the design sprint is a simple, proven method for easy iteration, unbiased problem solving, and faster product launches.

Learn from the guy who—literally—wrote the book on the topic. InVision’s VP of Design Transformation Richard Banfield, author of Enterprise Design Sprints, will help you learn:

  • The five phases of a sprint and how they reduce politics, increase collaboration across functions, and put the focus on answers—not just assets
  • How companies like Google, The Home Depot, IBM, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and more drive innovation with sprints
  • The best practices when it comes to sprints for both large and small companies

Can’t make it or want to reference the webinar later? No worries— we’ll share a recording of it plus links to other resources so you can watch on your own time.

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