Transforming product innovation with inclusive collaboration

Craig Ramsey


Rafal Czapski


Carolina Paula


The team at AdvisorEngine had a large task at hand — transform their legacy CRM product to a new, innovative, user-centric CRM. Their mission was clear: gather and implement customer feedback in a productive, accessible and meaningful way, while collaborating cross-functionally in real-time. Enter Freehand.

Join InVision and AdvisorEngine’s Chief Operating Officer, Craig Ramsey and Sr. Manager Product Design, Rafal Czapski to learn how their team used Freehand to build and launch their new CRM product, break down cross-functional barriers and increase the speed from ideation to launch.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage Freehand to gather and implement real-time feedback
  • Build a culture of inclusive collaboration
  • Remove barriers for non-design teams to be part of the design process

Our Freehand Firsthand series is a look at how leaders across all industries are using InVision Freehand as a real-time workspace for teams to collaborate better, align faster, and move forward together.

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard