Enterprise Innovation: From Idea to Launch

Jay Melone

New Haircut

Enterprise innovation is an exciting topic—unless you're 1 of the people responsible for driving global business transformation. For many of these big brands with hundreds of thousands of employees, their innovation and R&D teams are yet a handful of people with little to no P&L of their own. Plus, the overwhelming majority of their initiatives never get beyond initial prototypes before being killed by senior leadership whose focus is supporting existing, core lines of business.

In this DesignTalk, Jay Melone explains how these same challenges plagued his team at New Haircut. Now, after years of constant iteration of all of the individual components within digital innovation, they've constructed a battle-tested, start-to-finish innovation framework. Jay will share New Haircut's evolution so that other organizations can learn to discover the most critical and underserved problems their users are facing, rapidly validate solutions, and launch viable, production-ready products and services to market.

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