InVision for your design workflow

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Finally, we want to share how to best use InVision through the entire design workflow. Customers who benefit the most from InVision Enterprise aren't just using it for prototyping but as a collaboration platform. Check out how to work better with your team and organization by leveraging these tools.

4.1 Enable integrations

Slack, Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Teams and more! Integrations help streamline your workflow. Find out more about tools that integrate with InVision.

4.2 Get more with InVision – DSM, Studio, and Craft

InVision DSM. Design System Manager—Design. Maintain. Evolve. Together.

InVision Design System Manager (DSM) is the technology layer that makes it possible for every product team to use a design system and innovate like the world’s most design-forward companies. It is the definitive solution for rapidly improving products while maintaining a consistent user experience across every digital interface—multiplying a company’s ability to compete effectively.

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InVision Studio. Screen design. Redesigned.

Welcome to the future of screen design. Studio is the world’s most powerful screen design tool, including never-before-seen functionality such as integrated design systems, adaptive layouts, native prototyping, advanced animations, and more.

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Craft. Screen design. Supercharged.

Craft by InVision is a free suite of plugins for Sketch and Photoshop that helps streamline your design workflow by automating tedious actions, pulling in realistic sample data, build and preview, interactive prototypes right within Sketch, and easily connect to InVision Cloud.

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