How Developers Shaped Motorola Solutions’ Design System

Scott Arnold

Motorola Solutions

Nathan Babcock

Motorola Solutions

Rebecca Kerr


To be effective, a design system has to be shared language. Too often, though, design and development assets are created in isolation, and then forced together—which can cause miscommunication, adoption challenges, naming issues, and an overall fractured system.

That’s why Motorola Solutions took a different approach.

In this InVision Talk, we’ll sit down with their design system architects Scott Arnold and Nathan Babcock to learn how and why they looked to developers as the first design system users.

We’ll cover details like:

  • The valuable assets and guidance developers can contribute on the front end
  • Valuable insights on how to treat developers and designers as equal users

The multiple ways a developer-first design system encourages buy-in and builds community

Collaborate in real time on a digital whiteboard