Communicating the Value of Design

Aarron Walter

Design Better Podcast

Kerry Rodden

Leanne Waldal

You work hard as a designer, diligently approaching every interaction you create with your user’s experience top of mind. Still, sometimes you find it tough to shake the feeling that maybe—just maybe—your team’s contributions are undervalued by your company. Well, you might be right.

There’s a chance that the true bottom-line impact of your work isn’t getting properly measured and reported, and that presents a challenge when it comes time to convince the higher-ups to invest more in your design team. If that’s the case, this webinar can help.

Join Aarron Walter, VP of Design Education at InVision, as he moderates a discussion on the best ways to quantitatively and qualitatively measure design impact. His guests are two of the top experts on the subject:

  • Kerry Rodden, co-creator of Google’s HEART framework
  • Leanne Waldal, research leader at Dropbox, Autodesk, and more

Make your design team’s work matter where it counts the most. Register now to attend Communicating the Value of Design.

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