Welcome to InVision Enterprise

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1.1 Intro to Enterprise

Check out this quick intro before diving into the Enterprise Guide.

1.2 The Enterprise Guide

Welcome to InVision Enterprise! Here’s what to expect as you’re getting started with InVision Enterprise.

  • Your Enterprise account will be set up within 1-2 days of signing your Enterprise contract.
  • You’ll have your own customized URL to access InVision.
  • If you have projects from team or personal accounts that need to be moved to Enterprise, these generally take about a week to move once we receive the request. (Users on your list for project migration will be contacted and given a 5 day opt-out window.)
  • We’ll guide you through this Enterprise Setup Checklist.
  • We’ll connect you with our best design resources.

As an admin for your company, it’s up to you to manage your InVision account settings and access and we'll help every step of the way. People, Process, Platform — that’s how we think of design. InVision Enterprise is our platform, and it’s surrounded by an amazing community and shared best practices that we can’t wait to share with you too.

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