How Zurich Insurance launched a complete CX toolkit in under 12 months

Rebecca Kerr


Deepak Mathews

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

The global CX and Technology teams at Zurich Insurance challenged themselves with a big goal – in order to speed up their digital transformation strategy, they wanted to build a comprehensive customer experience and technology toolkit for business units in over 200 countries to use. One that empowered every team, from the call centers to design and engineering departments, with tools to engage customers consistently and with excellence.

The result? They built and launched their digital transformation toolkit known internally as “Zurich Suite”, including a fully-fledged, universal design system – in under 12 months

Join InVision’s Rebecca Kerr in conversation with Zurich’s Deepak Mathews and Michel Loro on how they planned and executed a new way of connecting their organization’s product managers, customer support workers, designers, developers, and external agencies using a new digital transformation toolkit and InVision DSM.


  • Practical examples for how to build a CX toolkit that keeps everyone in sync during a live demo of Zurich’s digital transformation toolkit
  • An inside look at a design system’s impact on digital transformation
  • Tips on how to build your design system faster with InVision DSM

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