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A whole new way to collaborate creatively

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Collaboration reimagined—team-wide

Freehand is an entirely new way to creatively collaborate in InVision. Wireframing, planning, design presentations, and feedback—do it all with Freehand.


Simple tools, unlimited creativity

Freehand is built with intuitive tools—like Draw, Write, Sketch, and Comment—and functionality that make joining in easy and fun.

“With Freehand, we can quickly create, discuss, and save our notes from our feedback sessions. Being able to access Freehand directly from InVision has made it a lot easier to collaborate in real time.”

Kurt Peterson

Director of Product Design at GrubHub


Great ideas can come from anywhere

Good design is good for business, and great ideas can come from anywhere in your organization. With Freehand, anyone—and everyone—can contribute.


Better collaboration means better products

Get ideas and insight from your entire team, and discover the true power of creative collaboration company-wide.

A whole new way to collaborate creatively

Freehand in real life

Design presentation
Design presentation

“I’ve found Freehand so useful and easy that I have been using it with clients on so many projects, from storyboarding videos to design feedback on webpages, to thinking through concepts and ideas for launches and rebrands.”


“Using Freehand just feels natural. It works exactly how you expect it to work, and stays out of your way. Because you can draw directly onto the screens themselves, it’s easy to help your team see exactly what you see.”

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It's collaboration like you've never imagined before.