The Ultimate Product Manager’s Template Pack

Take product ideas from planning to launch – and every step in between.

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Keep your team, tasks, and roadmap on track.

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Build a team plan that aligns with company goals and objectives with Quarterly Planning.

Quarterly planning is a common ritual for teams to look ahead into the next quarter and plan for activities, initiatives, and goals to help focus efforts. This Quarterly Planning template helps teams build a plan that supports high-level company goals and objectives to ensure that the entire organization is aligned for success.

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Define, plan, and manage your next team sprint with Sprint Planning.

Use the Sprint Planning template to get consensus on the engineering plan. Try to scope and plan realistically — keep in mind your anti-goals, capacity and other projects, upcoming holidays, and PTO, and leave a smidge of room for unknowns (those will always pop up!). Huddle with your product team to get a sense for the timeline and define the tasks for this effort. Once you have sprint alignment, you’re ready to start building.

Move effortlessly from planning to development - and everything in between. -
Move effortlessly from planning to development - and everything in between. -

Move effortlessly from planning to development - and everything in between.

Reflect and grow with your team.

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Recap success and note areas for improvement with Retrospective.

You brainstormed, you researched, you planned, you checked in, and you built and shipped something—how did it go? A retrospective is a moment to reflect on where you rocked it, and where there’s room for improvement. Use the Retrospective template to collect team feedback, then reference that Freehand when going into your next project.

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Present your work to get feedback and alignment with Project Review.

Use the Project Review template to build a common understanding of how the team is solving user and business goals, align stakeholders, and gather feedback to further strengthen your solution. Ensure your team is in lock-step on everything from designs, technical needs, timelines, and next steps to keep your projects moving forward.

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Pinpoint less than perfect areas of your product with Product Audit.

The best way to understand what’s working (and what’s not) is to take a step back and think about your product from your user’s perspective. Product Audit encourages your team to do just that. With this template, your team will be able to identify friction points, actionable ideas to improve your product, and next steps needed to take your user experience from good to great.

Build products you're proud of, with processes you love.