New Hire Onboarding Template

Preview Image of the New Hire Onboarding Template Template
Preview Image of the New Hire Onboarding Template Template

Welcome your new hires with a custom guide to help them seamlessly onboard

Set new teammates up for success in their first 90 days with a custom new hire guide. This template is built to provide helpful resources to your new hires, outline their first 30/60/90 day goals, and serve as a source of truth for new hires to reference during their first few weeks at your organization.

How it works

Step 1: Hiring managers and an HR reps should work together to build out an onboarding checklist for new hires to check off in their first 2-weeks

Step 2: Record a welcome video using the Loom integration that walks new hires through the new hire guide.

Step 3: Drop in relevant links, team member info, and any other tools to enable your new hire in the first 90 days.

Step 4: Use reactions, comments, and stickies to collaborate with your new hire. This should be an interactive document!

The New Hire Onboarding Guide template is a great tool for managers to provide a positive onboarding experience by welcoming new hires with a reference-able guide that walks them through expectations, helpful resources, and a space to communicate and collaborate with their managers.

The new hire guide will help your team:

  • Give new team members a warm welcome with minimal prep necessary
  • Drive team alignment from day 1
  • Provide new employees with a ‘source of truth’ to go back to in their first 90 days