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Problem Prioritization Template

Preview Image of the Problem Prioritization Template Template
Preview Image of the Problem Prioritization Template Template

Transform a problem into your team's next big opportunity with this problem prioritization template

With the problem prioritization template from Jay Melone at New Haircut, your team will identify which critical business challenges to tackle next.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Use this template to align on market opportunities that will deliver the most customer value. Answer questions like:

  • Which project should we tackle next?
  • Which opportunity should we run our next sprint on?
  • How do we involve the team when prioritizing?
  • How do we avoid bias and groupthink?

How to use this problem prioritization template

Step 1: Identify team goals and challenges

Begin by surfacing a landscape of potential problems and opportunities your team is interested in exploring.

Step 2: Dig deeper into specific challenges

Create a shared understanding of your problems to help categorize their complexity (simple, complicated, complex, or chaotic) and how they best align with your team's objectives.

Step 3: Categorize your problems

Refine further by evaluating the impact and effort of solving the problems at hand. This will help you identify the single most interesting problem the team would like to move forward with.

In just under three hours, your team will gain clarity on which projects to prioritize for the most efficient and effective ROI.

This template is part of New Haircut’s Problem Prioritization Toolkit, which is full of free guides, videos, and more to help your team innovate efficiently. Get the toolkit and check out the toolkit video for more information.

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