Online whiteboard meets productivity platform

A real-time workspace for teams to collaborate better, align faster, and move forward together.

The future of work is real-time.

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Effortlessly go from kickoff to handoff

InVision centralizes your entire workflow so you can collaborate at every stage of your process.

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Powerful templates from the smartest companies

Over 100 templates from companies like Microsoft, Atlassian, American Express, and to help you work smarter, not harder.

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Put the flow back in workflow

Smart Widgets bring a new layer of power and connectivity to your Freehand documents.

Freehand is a great place for brainstorming, goal setting, and collaborating at the early stages of a project.

Paige Costello

Product Leader, Asana

Connected to everything, ready for anything.

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Close those tabs, it’s all right here

Embed editable Google Docs, Mode dashboards, Jira issues, Kanban boards, and so much more directly into Freehand! Democratize insights, plan efficiently, and get the job done your way…all in one spot.

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Get your team up to speed, without slowing down

Provide context around the clock, and keep everyone aligned asynchronously with comments, stickies, and our Loom integration.

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Meet where you work, work while you meet

Zoom and Microsoft Teams integrations transform meetings into working sessions with real-time collaboration. End your calls with breakthroughs instead of to-dos.

Everything in one place, even when it’s not.

  • Works everywhere you do

    Bring all your team's work and workflows together in one organized, single source of truth.

  • Clarity, at a glance

    No more crossed wires, hunting for links, or wasted time from teammates working on multiple different versions.

  • You’re better together

    Inclusivity leads to innovation. Increase visibility and discovery when you bring everyone's work into the same space.

Your team’s favorite tools, built in.

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Evolve your team’s collaborative intelligence today.