6 LGBTQIA+ designers who inspire InVisioners

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Laura Furlong
  •  Jun 30, 2022
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In honor of Pride Month, we’re showcasing six LGBTQIA+ designers at the forefront of their industry that inspire InVisioners. Whether relentlessly pursuing their creative vision or constructing functional, inclusive experiences, these designers set the bar high for what is possible in the design community.

1. Tim Singleton

Illustrator and designer, Tim Singleton, is known for injecting color into his designs bringing a fresh, bright take on all his work including with Anthropologie and Kiehl’s amongst other brands. Based in Toronto, his fun illustrations and brilliant designs inspire designers to take risks and be bold.

2. Steve Wakabayashi

Steve Wakabayaski is a creative director that tackles and solves digital challenges for a variety of companies such as Mastercard and Sephora. He has a unique ability to use both his creative and analytical skills while designing products and experiences, centered on equity, mindfulness, and joy

3. Soren Hamby

As a Senior Manager of UX and Digital Design at Benjamin Moore, Soren Hamby is making waves in the design industry. They have an exceptional ability to focus on accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity while simultaneously creating functional, brilliant designs with their team. 

4. Stevie Thuy Anh Nguyen

With 14 cumulative years of experience in digital design, Stevie Thuy Anh Nguyen is now a Product Design Manager at Clio. Stevie’s leadership fosters openness and transparency while creating impactful products. 

5. Dot Dotter

Dot Dotter is an Oakland based design lead that is passionate about helping teams improve design quality and design equity. Leading by example as Mobile Design Lead at Docusign, Dot’s useful and delightful mobile designs focus on quality everyday. 

6. Joseph Klomes

Joe Klomes is a landlocked designer based in Chicago. He’s a gay dad raising future leaders, and strives to proactively confront the sociopolitical issues that disproportionately affect the LGBTQIA+ community through his work. Joe has worked with Morningstar, Human Rights Campaign, and DDB among many others, and has most recently transitioned from being a creative director at Grindr to working with William Blair.


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