7 examples of animations made in InVision Studio

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Emily Esposito
  •  Jan 18, 2019
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Motion design requires the right combination of creativity, big thinking, and technical skills. And, of course, the right tool to bring those concepts to life.

We found some of our favorite motion design examples on Dribbble, all made in InVision Studio so you can see what the tool can do.

‘Tis the season to get moving

Who doesn’t enjoy the Christmas spirit day and night? Sesan Osanyinbi created a toggle option on this holiday-themed landing page so you can switch between day and night modes.

Buzzin’ around

Camille Raviart brings this bee-inspired logo to life by animating the lines and background color.

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Hello, it’s me

Rum said hello to the Dribbble community with a Pong-inspired welcome Shot.

X marks the house

Silvia Sguotti’s line icon transforms an X into a full-blown house.

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Where, oh where, have all the trees gone?

This infographic by Oxygenna visually communicates the impact of deforestation.

Follow the light (to your mentor)

Tyler Wain’s uses bright colors and geometric shapes to represent, a non-profit organization helping designers connect with mentors.

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Frida 2.0

Mindaugas Stundys animates a whimsical version of artist Frida Kahlo, complete with her signature flower crown.

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