Beck’s new ‘Dear Life’ video features gorgeous animation from Computer Team

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Kristin Hillery
  •  Aug 28, 2017
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We were initially told that Beck’s Prince- and Beatles-influenced Colors would drop in late 2014. Then it was 2015. Then—you get it. Crippling disappointment, etc.

It’s basically been forever, but October 13, 2017 now seems to be the official date they’re sticking to.

To hold us over, Beck put out a lyric video—a fast ‘n’ cheap version of a music video to get on
YouTube as quickly as possible once a song is released—late last week for “Dear Life.” Artists don’t typically put much effort into their lyric videos, but Beck is an exception. The “Dear Life” lyric video features the work of Drew and Rhiannon Tyndell, the duo behind Portland, OR-based creative studio Computer Team.

Here’s what Computer Team had to say about the project:

Graphic artist Jimmy Turrell, visuals designer behind Beck’s upcoming album Colors, approached us to make some animations to collage into his lyric video for ‘Dear Life.’ We took inspiration from his album artwork, incorporating bold geometric shapes in bright colors to be juxtaposed against cinematic scenes: sometimes dark, sometimes strange, sometimes cryptic. The result, like the song’s lyrics, is a mashup of imagery and meaning. Rotoscoped ants and burning cars.

See Computer Team’s other work here, and check out the video for “Dear Life” below.

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