This designer’s GIFs delightfully capture 7 days in Berlin

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Emily Esposito
  •  May 2, 2018
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Artist and designer James Curran of SlimJim Studios is currently in Berlin for Pictoplasma. In the week leading up to the conference, he created a GIF each day, taking inspiration from things that happened during his stay. He transformed German food, drinks, and landmarks into clever, captivating animations that we can’t stop watching.

Let’s dive in:

Day 1


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First thing to do when you arrive in Germany? Enjoy a beer. Prost!


Day 2


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Currywurst is one of Berlin’s most popular street foods and looks just as delicious in GIF form.

Day 3


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Here, James takes inspiration from two popular, historical elements: the Brandenburg Gate and ampelmännchen, literally translating to “little traffic light men” and representing the symbol shown on pedestrian signals in Eastern Germany.

Day 4


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Next stop: Hansa Studios built in 1912, where countless artists including David Bowie, Depeche Mode, U2, and R.E.M. have recorded their music.

Day 5


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To unwind from the city life, James takes a break to float in a saltwater pool and listen to underwater music.

Day 6


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While a visit to Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park, doesn’t actually have real dinosaurs roaming around, you will see eerie remnants of the park’s past—like huge sculptures of clowns, dragons, and , you guessed it, dinosaurs.

Day 7


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James isn’t stopping here. He’s speaking at Pictoplasma this week and will show off all his GIFathons in an exhibit at Neurotitan.

Want more? Check out James’ GIFathons from Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York City. And don’t forget to follow him on Instagram.

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