The 36 essential hashtags every UX professional should follow

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Brittany Anas
  •  Aug 20, 2020
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You could think of social media like a busy highway with a constant stream of traffic. Hashtags are much like the exit signs, helping guide you to your specific destination—or, in this case, the content that’s most interesting and relevant to you.

Maybe you’re a designer hoping to garner a following or gain some inspiration. Or, perhaps you’re a hiring manager looking to recruit top-notch UX designers. Here are the three dozen essential hashtags that you should consider following (and using) if you want to curate a feed full of beautiful design and helpful tips, and to connect with UX designers around the world.

The basics every design professional should follow

Twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags per Tweet as a best practice. Instagram, on the other hand, caps users at 30 hashtags per post. With that in mind, following some of the most popular and basic hashtags will help you pinpoint the trending and popular UX posts.

Here are a dozen of the most popular (and basic) UX hashtags:

  • #ux
  • #uxdesign
  • #usability
  • #uxdesigner
  • #uxdesign
  • #userexperience
  • #uxlife
  • #dailyux
  • #usability
  • #productdesign
  • #uxd
  • #interactiondesign

Pro tip: To be more efficient on Instagram, save some of the most popular UX hashtags as a note in your phone. That way you can copy and paste the hashtags into your post instead of typing them out each time.

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Hashtags for hiring professionals and those looking for work 

Twitter can be a goldmine for finding UX talent—if you know where to look. By far, the most popular hashtag attached to job opportunities is #uxjobs or #uxjob. But there are some other hashtags to mine and that will help discern between freelance work and full-time employment.

  • #uxjobs
  • #uxjob
  • #designtwitter
  • #remotejob
  • #userresearchjob
  • #uxdeveloper
  • #digitaljob
  • #uxcareer
  • #hiringux
  • #uxcontract
  • #uxfreelancer
  • #uxdesignerforhire

Hashtags for inspiration

Instagram can be a muse for designers, with posts serving as a show-and-tell for great design and products. You can also find helpful quick-hit graphics, like this one on the “mobile thumb zone” that shows how users hold and swipe on their phones or another easy-to-digest tutorial on how to use color psychology in design. The best posts, of course, cite where information is coming from. Following some of these hashtags is also an easy way to connect with fellow UX researchers and designers.

  • #uxbrainy
  • #uxtips
  • #uxlife
  • #uxigers
  • #designtipsandtricks
  • #graphicdesignui
  • #userinterfacedesigner
  • #dailywebdesign
  • #uxprocess
  • #usability
  • #userinterfacedesinger
  • #webdesigntrends

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