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Clair Byrd
  •  Nov 10, 2015
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Update 11/11: We’re proud to announce a host of powerful updates to Boards. Jump down to see what they are.

Create custom moodboards and brand boards, share image galleries, present in-progress or final design assets, and so much more. Boards let you collaborate on visual designs and creative assets like never before.


Boards provide organization tools for creating context around a project for presentations, asset management, and more. Built-in layout options allow you to create visual hierarchy for your ideas.

Click through these samples to see what you can create:

Boards also include commenting and downloading, bringing your design process together into a familiar, central location. Plus, you can share your Boards with anyone, and Boards look great on mobile and tablet devices, too. Boards support your entire design process—from initial idea to handoffTwitter Logo.

How to use Boards

Since releasing Boards, we’ve been working on making them even better. Today, we’re proud to announce a host of powerful updates:

Comment sketching

Commenters can now sketch on an image or rendered source file and save this sketch with their comment. This sketch is then attached to the comment, so readers can view the sketch by hovering over the comment. Pro tip: add both a sketch and an annotation to your comment, and your sketch will appear when readers hover over the annotation, too.

Source file previews

Previews allow users and collaborators to view the content of a source file without downloading it. You can also get feedback directly on your source files with comments, annotations, and sketches.

Dropbox and Google Drive Sync

You can now sync Boards from Dropbox and Google Drive. Upload your files to a Board, or to a specific section on your Board. Plus, your files will be updated automatically when you save changes to the original file.

Disable downloads

Change settings for your share links to turn off download links for everything on your Board, or to specifically allow downloads of images, fonts, and/or source files. Board collaborators can still download disabled files from within Share Mode.

Social sharing

Quickly share your Board to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Performance upgrades

The performance upgrades to Boards let you add larger images—and more of them—without slowing down the process of building or viewing Boards.

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