Coca-Cola announces new bespoke custom typeface

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Will Fanguy
  •  Jan 9, 2018
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Joining the ranks of other large corporations like IBM, General Electric, and Intel, Coca-Cola announced a new custom typeface last week. The new typeface is named “TCCC Unity” (an acronym of The Coca-Cola Company), and according to Coca-Cola’s vice president of global design James Sommerville, TCCC Unity “encapsulates […] Coca-Cola’s past and its American modernist heritage.”

TCCC Unity has “geometric flair and circularity drawn from the archive form the basis of the Latin script; a large x-height ensures it works in physical and digital environments.” The typeface also incorporates some more visually interesting pieces of flair with the drop shape in the lowercase A and the Coca-Cola dash as the top of the lowercase T.

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Coca-Cola joins other companies like YouTube and Nokia in using one universal typeface to unify the branding initiative and, in turn, making it easier to generate quick advertising campaigns.

What do you think of the recently released custom typefaces for Coca-Cola and IBM? Are these typefaces you’d use in your designs or everyday life? Let us know what you think on Twitter!

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