7 seasons of lessons in collaboration — all in one book

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Eli Woolery
  •  Oct 28, 2022
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Effective collaboration is difficult, especially in an era where teams are increasingly faced with the challenges of remote and hybrid work. Over the course of the past seven seasons of the Design Better Podcast, my co-host Aarron Walter and I have learned innumerable lessons about collaboration and creativity from brilliant creators and thinkers like bestselling writers Seth Godin and Dan Pink, fashion entrepreneur Eileen Fisher, actor and comedian John Cleese, and designer and entrepreneur Jason Mayden.

We decided to collect as many of these insights as possible into a new book, the Collaborate Better Handbook. In the book, we cover subjects that are critical to raising your collaborative intelligence, including collaborative leadership, understanding your colleagues and customers, mission and vision, divergent thinking and creativity, and building together.

We hope that by bringing together insights from diverse disciplines—ranging from astrophysics to fashion to comedy—we can provide you and your team with new tools to collaborate better together. The book is available online, as well as in ePub and PDF formats, with an audiobook version coming soon.

Ready to collaborate better?

No matter what you do or how you do it, this handbook will unlock a new standard for all the collaboration you do.

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