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How to spark innovative collaboration on teams

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Stephanie Darling
  •  Jun 13, 2022
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Collaboration is a key component of success, but it’s not always easy to ignite within a team.  Who should be included, and what can you do to ensure that a diversity of skill sets and backgrounds is represented? Is it possible to turn unproductive meetings into visual collaboration sessions that everyone can participate in? In cases where tools and teams are fragmented, how can you ensure your artifacts are accessible?

During a recent virtual event, Jose Coronado, Executive Director, Head of DesignOps at J.P. Morgan, spoke about the ways we choose to work together and how we can move towards new ways of working. 

Below are some key takeaways from the discussion.

Creating a collaborative process that works

Jose shared his thoughts on creating an effective collaborative process and reducing Zoom fatigue. His organization tested different ways of collaborating. They experimented with smaller teams and tried impromptu collaboration sessions. They learned that intention is crucial to collaboration. “Clearly defined objectives, an understanding of the problem being solved, and team alignment are all part of the combination of factors that help tackle challenges like Zoom fatigue,” Jose says.   

Good collaborators make great new hires 

When asked about what he looks for in new hires and young professionals entering the workforce, Jose expressed the importance of curiosity and communication skills. “Intellectual curiosity and not being afraid to ask questions is a key characteristic to look for in young professionals and new hires. Another key aspect is the ability to clearly communicate and solicit ideas from others”, says Jose.

One of his favorite interview questions is “Tell me who you are, but not from a biographical point of view. Tell me who you are from a value and strength perspective”. Once people acclimate to the question they are able to share their strengths and the value they bring to the company. Seeing how people react to a surprising question during an interview also gives an idea as to how they work and collaborate with others. Jose also describes how he helps new designers build core skills that will help them as they move into senior positions in the company. 

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