The master list of (remote) 2020 design conferences

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Nathania Gilson  •  Apr 8, 2020
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In a regular year, design conferences have offered attendees a solid excuse to leave their desk, hop on a plane, stay on top of new trends, and meet people doing cool things in their fields. Alas, 2020 has shown itself to wildly stray from the path of a regular year in every which way, including the cancellation of a slew of design and UX conferences due to the pandemic.

But thankfully, designers are just the types of people to methodically regroup and creatively reset when challenges are thrown their way. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of conferences undergo digital transformations, offering all their attendees opportunities to stay inspired, try new things, and gain valuable perspective on their craft and career—all without leaving their homes.

So charge your computer, grab a beverage of your choice, and get ready to absorb a ton of knowledge, because we’ve updated our list of 2020 design conferences to include all those that have gone remote. Whether you’re planning on attending with your whole team or signing on solo to celebrate your successes and develop in new areas, these are the best UX and design conferences you should have on your radar:


IAC: Information Architecture Conference

When: April 14-18, 2020

What to expect: This year’s theme is “sense and sense-making,” acknowledging that while sight is an important sense in our professional and personal lives, it’s only one of many senses we use to make the best experiences possible. Sessions will explore intangible aspects of UX design, such as serendipity, interpretation, and intention.

Health Experience Design Conference

When: April 14-15, 2020

What to expect: If you’ve ever wondered what the future of healthcare will look like—and especially if you’re currently working in the industry to create change and forward momentum—this is the conference for you. The speaker lineup features experience designers, design transformation experts, and medical professionals covering medical experience design from all angles.

Future Sync

When: April 16-17, 2020

What to expect: This donation-based event will be a mix of live and pre-recorded talks on software development, creative design, and business innovation.

Nielsen Norman Group Virtual UX Conference

When: April 18-24, 2020

What to expect: NN/g experts provide intensive UX learning in 26 sessions over 7 days, culminating in optional certification.


User Experience Lisbon

When: May 19-22, 2020

What to expect: Early speakers announced include And End’s Joe Macleod, BrightEdge’s Marianne Sweeny, Bracket’s Alison Coward, and Avanade’s Austin Govella.


#UXR Conference

When: June 25-26, 2020

What to expect: UX researchers unite! This conference is for anyone committed to championing their users, surfacing better insights, and improving technology-based ecosystems—especially if they believe advancing the discipline of user research makes the world a better place.


When: July 17, 2020

What to expect: This small, locally-run conference is going remote in honor of its tenth anniversary. The speaker line-up, schedule, and ticket details will be available in May.


ACE! without borders 2020

When: September 17-18, 2020

What to expect: If the terms Agile, Scrum, Kanban, lean UX, and design thinking are meaningful to you, this software development conference is for you. This year, a workshop day has been added so attendees can explore and apply skills.

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