Design Disruptors: Coming August 1

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Clair Byrd,
Clark Valberg
  •  Jun 1, 2016
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In 2015, we promised to produce the first ever feature-length documentary about the thing we live and breathe: disruptive product design. DESIGN DISRUPTORS drops on August 1, 2016Twitter Logo—and even better, we’re bringing it to a city near you on our multinational premiere tour.

DESIGN DISRUPTORS started simply as conversations with design leaders we admired, but it has evolved into a deep exploration and definition of the future of digital product design as a whole.Twitter Logo

Check out the film’s website,, for new content, behind the scenes footage, and more information about the film!


Join us for one of the free premieres of DESIGN DISRUPTORSTwitter Logo in these cities:

San Francisco, June 29
New York, July 14
London, July 7
Dublin, August 3
Boston, TBD
Montreal, July 19
Vancouver, July 21

And many more, from Spain to Sydney to Tokyo to Amsterdam, coming soon! (Editor’s note: Interested in doing your own screening? Click here for more information and to get in touch.)

Digital release

We’ll release the film digitally to our priority access list on August 1st to view for free. After our premiere season is over, we’ll release the film for purchase on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon—all proceeds will directly benefit the AIGA Worldstudio Scholarship Fund, which helps minority and financially-disadvantaged students to pursue creative careers.

About the film

Our crew interviewed over 90 design leaders at the world’s most disruptive and significant companies. During these interviews, we discovered a unifying thought process, design methodology, and state of mind that’s responsible for making these companies’ products so very good. Additionally, we discovered that the true nature of the design-driven business revolution happening around the world may not be what you think it is. Our film is designed to be a series of snapshots that demystify how design choices made by few can affect billions of people around the world.

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