Recap: Design+ Finance

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Shakti Sotomayor
  •  Jan 31, 2017
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The world is designed—and the digital products we use to manage our money are no exception. At Design+ Finance: NYC last Thursday night, we sat down with a panel of top design leaders in the financial services industry to discuss everything from the challenges of designing for finance, to the growing focus and expectations for digital financial service products.

The panelists gave tips on having empathy and earning trust through design, how to embrace constraints and regulations, and answered thoughtful questions from the audience. They even shared companies and products (apart from their own ?) they believe positively push design forward into the future of money.

Watch the full-length livestream recording of Design+ Finance here:

Huge thanks to our fantastic panelists and moderator for making Design+ Finance an exceptional event!


Moderator: Adam Perlis, UX and Design Thinking Consultant (formerly Design/UX Director, TIME)

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