What’s on your phone’s home screen?

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Margaret Kelsey
  •  Jul 31, 2015
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We check our phones an average of 150 times a day. With that sort of frequency, we wondered: how do creatives organize their phone? Into neat folders? By color? Utility?

So this week, we asked you to share screenshots of your phone’s home screen. Take a peek at what your fellow creatives see every time they unlock their phone.

Jacqueline Lane, Sr Designer at Loblaw Digital
Ahmed Gamal, Visual Designer at @Appboy
Mike Carrick, Sr. Manager of Digital Strategy for RBC Wealth Management & Global Asset Management
Lauren Steinberg, Director of Marketing at Loblaw Digital
Calvin Cheng, Lead Product Designer at Kira Academic
Rachel Ma, Art Director and Graphic Designer
Rob Kenedi, EiR at TWG, host of Entrepreneurs in Small Rooms Drinking Coffee
Jason Kemp, Director of Product at Demac Media
Jay Vidyarthi, User Experience Lead for Muse
Mohammad Batroukh, Interface Developer at Soulfx Technologies
Caylee Betts, Sr. Product Designer at
Mike Costanzo, Lead UX Designer at
Amanda Connon-Unda, Sr. Marketing and Communications Manager at
Paul Feltoe, Chief Design Officer of Datayak
Rob Domagala, Director of Strategy at TWG
Lior Bar-David, Creative Lead
Brian Pullen, Design Director at TWG
Adrian Patience, Designer and Developer
Julian Lum-Smith, Architecture Student at Humber College
Anas Ashraf, Student of Digital Media
Sam Johnstone, Designer/Illustrator
Carly Blackman, Office Coordinator for Shopify’s Toronto Office
Matthew Seccafien, Web Developer
Shiera Aryev, Design Lead at TWG
Eunice Bae, Operations Coordinator for hackeryou and Visual Artist/Letterer
Kevin Carey, Product Designer at Redbit Development
David Mendiola, Interface Development Manager at Soulfx Technologies Inc.
Serene Guan, User Experience Designer
Hikari Mochi, Creative Director of Photon Factory
Maxim Siebert, Designer at Shopify
Liam Thurston, Design Team Lead at TWG
Courtney Symons, Partner Marketing Manager at Shopify
Tetyana Krysa, Business Development Manager at the Fashion Zone
Bohdan Anderson, Technical Director
Michael Nitsopoulos, Creative Director of Strategic Design at NATIONAL | Equicom
Melissa da Silva, Manager of Design and Production for Loblaw Digital
Kristian Rogelstad, Front End Web Developer
James Fanizza, Filmmaker
Cassie Kaiser, UX Researcher at InVision
Avery Swartz, Web Designer; Founder & CEO of Camp Tech; University Professor; Co-Host of Gather North

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